Main Conference Papers

WI 2018 Regular Papers

Name Author
Thematic Question Generation over Knowledge Graphs Tanguy Raynaud, Julien Subercaze and Frederique Laforest
NavWalker: Information Augmented Network Embedding Kwei-Herng Lai, Chih-Ming Chen, Chuan-Ju Wang and Ming-Feng Tsai
High Accuracy Question Answering via Hybrid Controlled Natural Language Tiantian Gao, Paul Fodor, and Michael Kifer
NutRec: Nutrition Oriented Online Recipe Recommender Elizabeth Gorbonos, Yang Liu and Chính T. Hoàng
Task Recommendation for Group Users in Public IoT Environments In-Young Ko, Jin-Seo Lee and MinHyeop Kim
Self-Stabilizing Master-Slave Token Circulation in Unoriented Cactus Graphs James (Zijun) Wang Yihua Ding, and Pradip Srimani
An Adaptive Dirichlet Multinomial Mixture Model for Short Text Streaming Clustering Chunping Li and Ruting Duan
Trusted Registration, Negotiation, and Service Evaluation in Multi-Agent Systems throughout the Blockchain Technology Davide Calvaresi, Alevtina Dubovitskaya, Diego Retaggi, Aldo Franco Dragoni, and Michael Schumacher
Bayesian Knowledge Base Distance-based Tuning Eugene Santos and Chase Yakaboski
Sentiment-Aware Recommendation System for Healthcare using Social Media Alan Aipe, Mukuntha N S, and Asif Ekbal
Analysis and Modeling of Behavioral Changes in a News Service Atom Sonoda, Fujio Toriumi, Hiroto Nakajima, and Miyabi Gouji
Fine-Grained Deep Knowledge-Aware Network for News Recommendation with Self-Attention Ping Guo, Jie Gao, Xin Xin, Junshuai Liu, Rui Wang, Jing Lu, Biao Li, and Xin Fan
What influences people to broaden their horizons? Kota Kakiuchi, Mao Nishiguchi, Fujio Toriumi, Masanori Takano, Kazuya Wada, and Ichiro Fukuda
Identifying Virtual Relations among Businesses Exploring User Reaction on Facebook Diego Tsutsumi and Thiago Henrique Silva
AUX and UX Evaluation of User Tools in Social Networks Luis Martín Sánchez Adame, Sonia Mendoza, Beatriz A. González Beltrán, José Rodríguez and Amilcar Meneses Viveros
A Distributed Scalable Approach for Rule Processing: Computing in the Fog for the SWoT Nicolas SEYDOUX, Khalil DRIRA, Nathalie Hernandez, and Thierry Monteil
Helping each Other: A Framework for Customer-to-Customer Suggestion Mining using Self-training and Deep Learning Hitesh Golchha, Deepak Gupta, Asif Ekbal, and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Uncovering the Perception of Urban Outdoor Areas Expressed in Social Media Frances Albert Santos, Thiago Henrique Silva, Antonio Loureiro, and Leandro Villas
Utility-Based Multi-Stakeholder Recommendations By Multi-Objective Optimization Yong Zheng and Aviana Pu
Numeral Understanding in Financial Tweets for Fine-grained Crowd-based Forecasting Chung-Chi Chen, Hen-Hsen Huang, Yow-Ting Shiue, and Hsin-Hsi Chen
Rating Prediction in Review-based Recommendations via Adversarial Auto-Encoder Jin Yi, Jiajin Huang, and Jin Qin
A Semantic Similarity based Topic Evaluation for Enhancing Information Filtering Hanh Nguyen, Yue Xu, and Yuefeng Li
Deep Text Mining of Instagram Data Without Strong Supervision Mihhail Matskin Kim Hammar, Shatha Jaradat and Nima Dokoohaki
PSM-Flow: Probabilistic Subgraph Mining for Discovering Reusable Fragments in Workflows Chin Wang Cheong, Daniel Garijo, Kwok Wai Cheung, and Yolanda Gil
Finding Semantic Relationships in Folksonomies Iman Saleh and Neamat El-Tazi
Clustering Multilingual Aspect Phrases for Sentiment Analysis Lucas Costella Pessutto, Danny Vargas and Viviane Moreira
Improving the Classification of Drunk Texting in Tweets using Semantic Enrichment Renata Galante, Marcos Grzeça and Karin Becker
Investigating learning resources precedence relations via concept prerequisite learning Rubén Francisco Manrique, Juan Sosa, Olga Mariño, Bernardo Pereira Nunes, and Nicolas Cardozo
Ranking of Social Media Alerts with Workload Bounds in Emergency Operation Centers Hemant Purohit, Carlos Castillo, Muhammad Imran and Rahul Pandey
Precise Description Generation for Knowledge Base Entities with Local Pointer Network Hsin-Hsi Chen Shyh-Horng Yeh and Hen-Hsen Huang
Fusion-based multimodal detection of hoaxes in social networks Vincent Claveau, Cédric Maigrot, and Ewa Kijak
Context Prediction in the Social Web using Applied Machine Learning: A Study of Canadian Tweeters Osmar Zaiane Hamman Samuel, Benyamin Noori and Sara Farazi
QuickCent: a fast and frugal heuristic for centrality estimation on networks Francisco Plana and Jorge Párez
LASAGNE: Locality And Structure Aware Graph Node Embeddings Evgeniy Faerman, Felix Borutta, Kimon Fountoulakis and Michael W. Mahoney
Pricing Strategies with Promotion Time Limitation in Online Social Networks Yan Li and Victor O.K. Li
DOMdiff: Identification and Classification of Inter-DOM Modifications Manuel Leithner and Dimitris E. Simos
Distributional Semantics Approach to Detect Intent in Twitter Conversations on Sexual Assaults Rahul Pandey, Hemant Purohit, Bonnie Stabile, and Aubrey Grant
SNS Retrieval Based on User Profile Estimation Using Transfer Learning from Web Search Daisuke Kataoka and Keishi Tajima
A plagiarism detection engine for images in Docode Juan Velásquez Simón Sepulveda, Gaspar Pizarro, and Juan D. Velásquez
Enhancing crowd wisdom using explainable diversity inferred from social media Shreyansh Bhatt, Manas Gaur, Beth Bullemer, Valerie Shalin, Amit Sheth, and Brandon Minnery
Personality Exploration System for Online Social Networks: Facebook Brands As a Use Case Raad Bin Tareaf, Philipp Berger, Patrick Hennig, and Christoph Meinel
Multi-Modal Media Retrieval via Distance Metric Learning for Potential Customer Discovery Yang Liu, Zhonglei Gu, Tobey H. Ko and Jiming Liu

WI 2018 Short

Name Author
Resting EEG Features and Their Application in Depressive Disorders Liqing Liu, Haiyan Zhou, Minghui Zhang, Jiajin Huang, Lei Feng and Ning Zhong
Impact of Semantic Granularity on Geographic Information Search Support Noemi Mauro, Laura Di Rocco, Liliana Ardissono, Michela Bertolotto and Giovanna Guerrini
Dynamic Visualization of Quality in Online Conversations Brian Thoms, Evren Eryilmaz and Nicole Dubin
A Data Cleaning Framework for Water Quality based on NLDIW-PSO based optimal SVR Jianzhuo Yan, Xinyue Chen, and Yongchuan Yu
Visual analytics interface for time series data based on trajectory manipulation Rei Takami and Yasufumi Takama
Scale Adjustable Interaction Group Identification Shouzhong TU, Jianye YU, Jing He, and Xiaoyan ZHU
Real friendship and Virtual friendship: differences in similarity of contents/people and proposal of classification models on SNS Takafumi Komori, Yoshinori Hijikata, Tomu Tominaga, Shogoro Yoshida, Nobuchika Sakata, and Kensuke Harada
A failure of collective intelligence Yan Zhao and Eugene Santos Jr.
A Contextual Random Walk Model for Automated Playlist Generation Seiji Ueda, Atsushi Keyaki, and Jun Miyazaki
Social Media Brand Engagement as a Proxy for E-commerce Activities: A Case Study of Sina Weibo and JD Weiqiang Lin, Pedro Saleiro, Natasa Milic-Frayling, and Eugene Ch'ng
Exploration of Word Embedding Model to Improve Context-Aware Recommender Systems Camila Vaccari Sundermann, joão antunes, Marcos Aurélio Domingues, and Solange Oliveira Rezende
U-Statistics-based Anomaly and Novelty Detection Kazuki Yokoyama, Marcio Valk, Gabriela Cybis and Renata Galante
Leveraging Knowledge Graph for Open-domain Question Answering Jose Ortiz Costa and Anagha Kulkarni
Boosting Reinforcement Learning in Competitive Influence Maximization with Transfer Learning Khurshed Ali, Chih-Yu Wang, and Yi-Shin Chen
Consensus Clustering in Networks with Multi-View Features Tiantian He, Keith C.C. Chan and Libin Yang
"Going Deep to Detect Liars" Detecting Fake News using Deep Learning Arjun Roy, Kingshuk Basak, Asif Ekbal, and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
LOCAST: Optimal location casting by crowdsourcing and open data integration Konstantinos Platis, Ilias Dimitriadis and Athena Vakali
Concept Enhanced Content Representation for linking Educational Resources Khushboo Thaker, Daqing He, and Peter Brusilovsky
Engineering an aligned gold-standard corpus of human to machine oriented Controlled Natural Language hazem abdelaal, Brian Davis and Manel Zarrouk
From Genre Classification to Aspect Extraction: New Annotation Schemas for Book Reviews Tamara Álvarez-López, Patrice Bellot, Milagros Fernández-Gavilanes and Enrique Costa-Montenegro
Extraction and Visualization of Occupational Health and Safety Related Information from Open Web Tirthankar Dasgupta, Rupsa Saha, Abir Naskar and Lipika Dey
Extending the VERIS framework to an incident handling ontology Guilherme Moreira, Julio Duarte, Anderson Santos and Vanusa Calegario
Hybrid Question Answering using Heuristic Methods and Linked Data Rawan Bahmid and Amal Zouaq
Current Applications of Machine Learning Techniques in CRM: A Literature Review and Practical Implications Beatriz Chagas, Julio Viana, Olaf Reinhold, Fábio Lobato, Antonio Jacob Jr., and Rainer Alt
Interactive Minutes Generation System Based on Hierarchical Discussion Structure Hiroya Miura, Yoshinari Takegawa, Asuka Terai, and Keiji Hirata
Ranking Methods for Query Relaxation in Book Search Momo Kyozuka and Keishi Tajima
"What's ur type?" Contextualized Classification of User Types in Marijuana-related Communications using Compositional Multiview Embedding Ugur Kursuncu, Manas Gaur, Usha Lokala, Anurag Illendula, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Raminta Daniulaityte, Amit Sheth and I. Budak Arpinar
Knowledge Graphs, Category Theory and Signatures Marek Reformat, Giuseppe D'Aniello, and Matteo Gaeta
Investigation of the Quality of Topic Models for Noisy Data Sources Dakshi Kapugama Geeganage, Yue Xu and Yuefeng Li
A Python Library for Memory Augmented Neural Networks Philippe Debie, Weiwei Wang, and Stefano Bromuri
Goldbach's Function Approximation Using Deep Learning Avigail Stekel, Merav Chkroun, and Amos Azaria
Reddit weight loss communities: do they have what it takes for effective health interventions? Fabricio Murai Karen Enes, Pedro Brum, Tiago Cunha, Ana Paula Silva and Gisele Pappa
Which Emoji Talks Best for My Picture? Anurag Illendula, KV Manohar and Manish Reddy Yedulla
High-Speed Clustering of Regional Photos Using Representative Photos of Different Regions Takayasu Fushimi and Ryota Mori
Transforming Geo-Referenced Data in Contextual Information for Context-Aware Recommender Systems Igor André Santana, Abner Suniga, Juliano Donini, Camila Vaccari Sundermann, Solange Oliveira Rezende, and Marcos Aurélio Domingues
Learning Adaptive Graph Protection Strategy on Dynamic Networks via Reinforcement Learning Arie Wahyu Wijayanto and Tsuyoshi Murata
Estimation Errors in Network A/B Testing due to Sample Variance and Model Misspecification Fabricio Murai Ferreira, Francisco Galuppo Azevedo, Bruno Demattos Nogueira and Ana Paula Couto da Silva
Annotating Online Civic Discussion Threads for Argument Mining Gaku Morio and Katsuhide Fujita
Conditional Relationship Extraction for Diseases and Symptoms by a Web Search-based Approach Yi-Hui Lee and Jia-Ling Koh
Multi-label Classification for Past Events Yasunobu Sumikawa and Ryohei Ikejiri
Online Social Networks in Health Care: A Study of Mental Disorders on Reddit Fabricio Murai, Bárbara Silveira Fraga and Ana Paula Couto da Silva
Self-Deprecating Sarcasm Detection: An Amalgamation of Rule-Based and Machine Learning Approach Muhammad Abulaish and Ashraf Kamal
Incorporating time dynamics and implicit feedback in music recommender systems Diego Sánchez-Moreno, Yong Zheng, and María N. Moreno-García
Online learning applied to Autonomous Valuation of Financial Assets Marcel Ribeiro and Paulo Castro
Web page recommendation on sparse collection of web pages Carson Leung and Fan Jiang
Sequential Formal Concepts over Time for Trajectory Analysis Feda Almuhisen, Nicolas Durand, and Mohamed Quafafou
Determination of Factors Influencing Student Engagement using a Learning Management System in a Tertiary Setting Prabal Datta Barua, Xujuan Zhou, Raj Gururajan, and Ka C. Chan
A Novel Framework for Distress detection through an automated speech processing system Rajib Rana, Raj Gururajan, Geraldine McKenzie, Jeff Dunn, Anthony Gray, Xujuan Zhou and Prabal Datta Barua

11th Natural Language Processing and Ontology Engineering (NLPOE2018)

Name Author
Classical Formula Ontology Construction and Application in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dermatosis Xingliang Qi
Research on Mathematical Formula Knowledge Base for Formula Recognition Yao Liu
Cross-language Information Retrieval Based on Multiple Information Qi Su
Overview of Communication Protocols in Internet of Things: Architecture, Development and Future Trends Yonghong Cheng
Review of Copy Detection Techniques for Monolingual Natural-language Documents Yonghong Cheng

The 5th International Workshop on Complex Methods for Data and Web Mining

Name Author
Research on Knowledge Discovery in Database for the State of Traffic Flow Based on Rough Set Theory -
The Applications of Stochastic Models in Network Embedding: A Survey Minglong Lei
Mental workload assessment in smartphone multitasking users: A feature selection approach using physiological and simulated data Hernán Lira and In-Young Ko
Inverse Convolutional Neural Networks for Learning from Label Proportions Jiabin Liu
A Survey of Sparse-learning Methods for Deep Neural Networks Lingfeng Niu
Air pollutant severity prediction using Bi-directional LSTM Network Ishan Verma
Measuring Architectural Misfit: A Preliminary Real Life Study Markus Zeindl

The 1st International Workshop on Text Analysis and Retrieval

Name Author
DRIM: MDL-based Approach for Fast Diverse Summarization Natalia Vanetik
HEvaS: Headline Evaluation System Natalia Vanetik
Towards Building a Human Perception Knowledge for Social Sensation Analysis Jun Lee
Multi-Document Summarization using Distributed Bag-of-Words Model Lipika Dey
sentiment classification on twitter data using support vector machine Aditi Sharan
PubTag: Generating Research Tag-Clouds with Keyphrase Extraction and Learning-to-Rank Paula Ríos
Image Sentiment Analysis using Deep Learning Namita Mittal
Automated Identification of Type-Specific Dependencies Between Requirements Ralph Samer

1st International Workshop on Blockchain Technology for Multy-Agent Systems (BCT4MAS)

Name Author
Blockchain for Trustworthy Coordination: A First Study with LINDA and Ethereum Giovanni Ciato
An Innovative IPFS-Based Storage Model for Blockchain Zheng Qiuhong
On the Collaborative Governance of Decentralized Edge Microclouds with Blockchain-based Distributed Ledgers Felix Freitag
MAS-aided Approval for Bypassing Decentralized Processes: an Architecture Davide Calvaresi
Reputation Management in Multi-Agent Systems using Permissioned Blockchain Davide Calvaresi
Towards Automated Contract handling Audey Dupont

International Workshop on Web Personalization, Recommender System and Social Media (WPRSM18)

Name Author
Analysis of User Dwell Time by Category in News Application Yoshifumi Seki
Analysis of Political Party Twitter Accounts' Retweeters during Japan's 2017 Election Mitsuo Yoshida

3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Data Analysis in Integrated Social CRM (iCRM2018)

Name Author
Social CRM From the Customer Perspective: A Preliminary Analysis of Differences Between Brazilian and German Users Olaf Reinhold
A Literature Review in Preprocessing for Sentiment Analysis for Brazilian Portuguese Social Media Marcia Pinheiro
Social CRM in Digital Marketing Agencies: an extensive classification of services Olaf Reinhold

Industry Track Papers

Name Author
SENSEI: An Intelligent Advisory System for the eSport Community and Casual Players Dominik Slezak
Regression analysis towards estimating tax evasion in Goods and Services Tax Jitjin Mathews
Grail: A Framework for Adaptive and Believable AI in Video Games Piotr Biczyk

Challenging the Big Data Problem on the Web (BigWebData)

Name Author
Proposed computational classification system of human cognitive biases Bryan Boots
Analyzing Biological Pathways Using Transaction Logic Reza Basseda

Social Media Analytics for Healthcare (SMA4H)

Name Author
Topical Cluster Discovery in Semistructured Healthcare Data Ricardo Ortale
Distributed algorithm for big data analytics in healthcare Agostino Forestino
When Blockchain Meets the Right to be Forgotten: Technology Versus Law for the Healthcare Industry Mirko Koscina

Data Science for Crime Amalytics

Name Author
Integrating Game Theory and Data Mining for Dynamic Distribution of Police to Combat Crime Kate Smith miles
Detecting Network Intrusion Beyond 1999: Applying Machine Learning Techniques to a Partially Labeled Cybersecurity Dataset Jan Klein