Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics, University of Chile
(Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas, Universidad de Chile)
Av. Beauchef 851, Santiago Santiago, Chile
(Route plan to conference)

By Plane

Santiago’s airport is about 25 minutes from the city centre by car. Buses connect the airport to the main subway line of Santiago city. Buses leave every 10 minutes, driving time is about 40 minutes to the last stop, the subway (Metro) station* “Los Héroes”. In “Los Héroes” you should take the Yellow line, Line 2, in direction to “La Cisterna”, getting off in “Parque O’Higgins” station, 2 stops away from “Los Héroes”. The faculty is about 10 minutes away walking by the park.

You can also take a cab. There are multiple services you can hire there or in advance,like Transvip and Delfos.

If you prefer the organization team to ask for the service for you, send an en email to with your Name, Flight number, Arrival date and time, and Destination Address. We will send you the bill and the instructions.


By Car

If you are coming by car, please send an email to, with your Name and Car patent number, to secure a parking place for you.

Ruta 5 (Arica – Puerto Montt): If you come from north, take the exit to “Toesca”. Turn right to “Gorbea”.

If you come from south, take the exit to “Santa Isabel”. Turn left to “Santa Isabel”, you will reach a natural right turn, where you must turn left at “Gorbea”.

For both alternatives, continue through “Gorbea” till turning left at “Club Hípico”until you reach “Almirante Blanco Encalada”, where you will see the Faculty. Go straight ahead and turn left to the Faculty’s parking.

Ruta 68 (Valparaíso – Santiago): Continue the road until it becomes “Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins”, Santiago’s main street and continue straight ahead. Turn right at “Almirante Latorre”, until you reach “Almirante Blanco Encalada”, where you will see the Faculty. Go straight ahead and turn left to the Faculty’s parking

Ruta 78 (San Antonio –Santiago): Continue the road until it becomes “Isabel Riquelme”. Turn left at “Bascuñán Guerrero”, go straight ahead until you reach a bifurcation, where you should take right to “Abate Molina”. Go straight ahead to turn right at “Almirante Blanco Encalada”, then turn right to “Club Hípico” where you will see the Faculty, and turn left to the Faculty’s parking.

Ruta 70, Autopista Vespucio (Bypass Santiago): Take the exit 32 to “Ruta 5 Norte” (to the north), and then follow “Ruta 5” instructions.

By Metro

The Faculty has 2 Metro stations close by, “Toesca” and “Parque O’Higgins”, both from Line 2, or the yellow one. If you are staying at the Center of Santiago, probably you will have a Metro Station of the Line 1, or Red line, close by. If that’s the case, probably you will be at the east of “Los Héroes” station. Then, you should take the red line in direction to “San Pablo” and transfer to the yellow line (Line 2) and take “La Cisterna” direction, to “Toesca” or “Parque O’Higgins”). If you get down at “Toesca”, you should walk through the street “Toesca” to the west and turn left to “Almirante Latorre”, go straight ahead until you see the Faculty. If you get down at “Parque O’Higgins”, you should go to your left (west direction), enter the park, follow the road to you right until you reach the exit. To that point, you will see the Faculty, so you should turn left and walk through “Av. Tupper” and turn right al “Av. Beauchef”.

Prices (in CLP):

Low Schedule $630
06:00 a 06:29:59 hrs.
20:45 a 23:00 hrs.
Middle Schedule $680
06:30 a 06:59:59 hrs.
09:00 a 17:59:59 hrs.
20:00 a 20:44:59 hrs.
Peak Schedule $760
07:00 a 08:59:59 hrs.
18:00 a 19:59:59 hrs.